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Runaway Bride Book Cover

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Runaway Bride

Rose Collier refused to let them see her crumble as she sprinted across the lobby, the big white dress billowing out of the convertible as she fled. In a daze, she left the city behind, only stopping for necessities, until she found herself staring at the ocean, inhaling deep lungfuls of clean salty sea air. The vintage car sputtered and died as she coasted into Magnolia Beach.

Alex Parrish had it all. Money, women, model looks, and fast cars. Until the accident. Then his uncle stole his trust fund. Now he’s broke, ugly, and ill-tempered, not to mention he doesn’t have a single employable skill.

Certain she’s in no danger of falling for another entitled rich guy, Rose takes a position cleaning for the town hermit. She needs time to heal, to figure out what comes next. Alex doesn’t know who he is without his money and his looks, but going by the new housekeeper’s reaction, he’ll never set foot in public again. He’s fired every other housekeeper in three towns so he’s stuck with the beguiling Rose. 

Sparks fly. As Alex spends more and more time with Rose, he falls head over heels in love for the first time in his miserable life. Too bad she’s made it clear there could never be anything between them other than friendship.

Books in the Magnolia Beach Series:
Book 1: Runaway Bride
Book 2: Married by Monday
Book 3: Second Chances
Book 4: You and Me Forever
Book 5: Marry Me

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Married By Monday

Big City. Big Lights. Big lies.
Amanda Smith doesn’t have time for marriage. She loves her career in the big city, the excitement, and the opportunities for advancement. So what if she never has time to date, she’s perfectly happy without a man in her life.

Coming Home.
But when her grandmother passes away, her only remaining family in all the world, the news turns Amanda’s world upside down. Not to mention the little bit in the will where gram got the last laugh. Amanda has one month to get married or she won’t inherit Shell Cottage.

Broken Hearts.
Chase Harrison has always called Magnolia beach home. He thought his life was perfect, until a customer set his boat on fire. Now Chasing the Big One Charters is in serious trouble. Without an infusion of cash, Chase will have to give up his dream for good. And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, he finds out the woman who broke his heart all those years ago is back in town.

Second Chances.
Amanda has no intention of letting Chase back into her life. She’ll find another guy to marry. After all, it’s only for a year. Nothing more than a business arrangement. There’s no way she’ll risk Chase breaking her heart all over again.